Infinite Scroll For Shop Page


This plugin adds a new module to Divi Builder which can be used to show all products at a single page without loading the page again.



Plugin Installation

    1. Purchase the plugin from our site then you will get a zip file for this plugin.
    2. Upload the zip file into your wordpress site under Add New plugin and activate the plugin.

Divi Builder Module

  1. At first you need to add woo product module to show products on shop page.
  2. Select “Woo Products”  Divi module.
  3. Make sure to enable pagination for this “Woo Products” module.
  4. Rest of the settings you can do as per your requirement.
  5. Now select another module which is “Infinity Scroll” just below the previous module(Woo Products).

  6. Enter the Butto text as “Load More” or as per your requirement.
  7. Add the styles and position as per your requirement.
  8. At the last save the page and see the result. You will see a button at the bottom of page saying “Load More” button. When that button is clicked then next iteration of products will be shown.


Frontend Page