Only AI Powered Virtual Try-On plugin for WordPress

JewelFit allows wordpress merchants to provide facility of virtual trial for the jewellery products to their customers. Virtual trial of the jewellery provides an easy alternative to the customers to try the jewellery in a virtual environment. It also helps merchants to reduce the returns as the virtual trial of the product provides a pretty good idea about the looks of the product to the customers.


BUILT-IN Responsive Design

Jewel-fit Try On works smoothly on any size devices such as Desktops,Laptops,Mobiles phones etc.

One Click Setup

Creating an easy to use plugin is one of our major focus area. You just need to upload a transparent image of your necklace, ear-rings, head-rings etc and that’s it!

Upload once Use Anywhere

Customers will have option to save their uploaded image so that they won’t need to upload the image again for next product trial. Customer Experience is out #1 priority, Always!

free lifetime Use

With one single purchase you can use Jewel-fit for single website lifelong. No if not but!


Jewel-Fit popup will allow try multiple products at the same time.

Share Trial Looks

Customer will be able to save,download and share their try on looks.

Webcam/Selfie option

Customers can use their webcam to live try on or upload pre-captured face image to try eye-wears.

Interactive Guide

Pop up will show an interactive guide to the customer.


We are open to your feedback and customisation, mostly free of cost!


How it Works?

Our focus is create easy to use yet powerful try on plugin. Hence jewelfit setup only requires 1 simple step after plugin activation.

Upload Try On Image

You just need to navigate to Edit Product->Set Try On Image and Upload an front facing transparent image of your jewellery product, and that’s it.

Automatically JewelFit will detect this image and enabled the try on option for that product.

Checkout the video for an interactive guide.

Websites powered by JewelFit

We are proud of being part of our customer’s journey to success. Checkout few of them here!

virtual try on
virtual try on
jewelfit -client


How it works?

once you download the plugin from our website, you need to install and activate from wordpress plugins page, Edit any of your product and Set Try On image.

What is Try On Image?

Try On image is a transparent image of the jewellery product such as necklace, ear-rings etc. Please refer the demo page image in pricing section to download the sample try on images.

Will this plugin allow multi product try on at the same time?

Yes, you can set multiple try on image for a product such as Comobo of necklace,  ar-rings.

Will WebCam work on non-https websites?

No, Webcam featuer is alowed only for https secured websites only!

Can customers upload their image and try ?

Yes, Customers will have option to upload/capture their image.

Will customers be able to download try on looks?

Yes, They can be downloaded any time.

Is this one time price for lifetime use?

Yes, You can use the plugin for lifetime with single purchase for single website.

Can you convert this plugin into some specific language?

yes, based on your requirement we can convert this plugin in any language, free of cost!

Will you support if the plugin doesn't work after purchase?

Yes, although our plugins are battle-tested and will work with any theme. But still if you face any issue, we will be helping you 24*7.