Only AI Powered Virtual Try-On plugin for WordPress

SpecFit allows wordpress merchants to provide facility of virtual trial for the eyewears to their customers. Virtual trial of the eyeglasses provides an easy alternative to the customers to try the eyeglass in a virtual environment. It also helps merchants to reduce the returns as the virtual trial of the product provides a pretty good idea about the looks of the product to the customers.


BUILT-IN Responsive Design

Spec-fit Try On works smoothly on any size devices such as Desktops,Laptops,Mobiles phones etc.

One Click Setup

Creating an easy to use plugin is one of our major focus area. You just need to upload a transparent image of your eye-wears and that’s it!

Upload once Use Anywhere

Customers will have option to save their uploaded image so that they won’t need to upload the image again for next product trial. Customer Experience is out #1 priority, Always!

free lifetime Use

With one single purchase you can use SpecFit for single website lifelong. No if not but!

Automatic eye detection

Our AI powered algorithms will help customers to live try on via webcam using automatic detection of facial gestures. That’s Cool, isn’t it!

Webcam/Selfie option

Customers can use their webcam to live try on.


We are open to your feedback and customization, mostly free of cost!

Related Products Try On

The try on popup will show 5 similar eye-wears at the bottom and will allow their instant trial as well. 



Let our eyewear experts design your website.
  • Complete Woocommerece website
  • Free Virtual Try On plugin
  • Free Prescription form plugin
  • Products setup
  • Multilingual Website setup
  • Optimization of website speed
  • Security Best practices
  • Many More

How it Works?

Our focus is create easy to use yet powerful try on plugin. hence specfit setup requires only 1 simple step after plugin activation.

Upload Try On Image

You just need to navigate to Edit Product->Set Try On Image and Upload an front facing transparent image of your eye-wear, and that’s it.

Automatically SpecFit will detect this image and enabled the try on option for that product.

Checkout the video for an interactive guide.

Websites powered by SpecFit

We are proud of being part of our customer’s journey to success. Checkout few of them here!

virtual try on
virtual try on plugin
virtual try on plugin
virtual try on plugin
virtual try on plugin


How it works?
Our Development team’s main focus was to make this plugin more easy to use and customize.So we have designed this plugin in a way that only one step can reach your requirements.You just have to go to product page->Edit->Set try on image. That’s it. It will automatically render a try on button on that product.
Is SpecFit compatible with woocommerece?
Yes!SpecFit is fully compatible with Woocommerece.
What is Try on image?

To render try on button on any product detail page you will have to set a try on image via product edit page or create new product page.This try on image is a simple front facing view of your eyewear product.This should be a transparent image.Image dimensions and guide to make a perfect Try On image is available at Product edit page only.

Does this plugin automatically create a transparent image of eyewear?
No! As a security constraint webcam feature will be only work with secured domain such as https.
Does webcam feature will work on http domain?
Yes, Image upload feature will work with any type of domain.
Does image upload feature will work on http domain?

Yes, image upload feature will be work on http domain.


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