Eyewear prescription form- SpecForm

Description:- SpecForm is a wordpress plugin which gives admin free hand to add a fully   eyewear prescription form for each product. A prescription form which contains a Right/Left combination of SPH,AXIS,CYL etc. SpecForm can be used to add different types of Lenses,Coatings,Tints,Glass color,Lens Index and many more as admin wants with their own custom prices and dynamic rendering. SpecForm comes with a fantastic feature called PD measurement which we will discuss in this document.

URL:-  https://dugudlabs.com/specform/


  • Plugin Installation
  • Overview of Admin settings
    • Add Prescription
    • Add Glasses
    • Add Lens
    • Add Lens Coating
    • Add Lens Tint
    • Settings
  • Overview of Product Setup 
    • EPF Attributes
    • Add Lens Color
  • Overview of FrontEnd Side

Plugin Installation:- 

  1. Purchase the plugin from our site then you will get a zip file for this plugin.
  2. Upload the zip file into your wordpress site under Add New plugin and activate the plugin.
  1. After activation EPF will be added in the side menu.

Overview of Admin settings:- 

  • Add Prescription:-  Add prescription allows admin to add prescription fields like SPH,CYL,AXIS etc.

           For each field you need to enter the following details.

  1. Name- Name of prescription field.
  2. First Value- Starting numeric value for the respective field (Eg- 10).
  3. Last Value- Last numeric value for the respective field (Eg- 30).
  4. Step Value- Difference between two consecutive values(Eg- If step value is 2 then field values will be 10,12,14,16………. 30).
  5. Field order- This defines on which order this field will be shown.
  • Add Glasses:-   In this section admin can add different types of glasses with their short description and price.

For each glass type you need to enter the following details.

  1. Name:- Name of the glass type
  2. Extra Cost:- Price at which you need to sell this type of glass.
  3. Description:-  Short description of glass type.
  4. Range for each prescription field:- For example in the first step(Add Prescription) if you define a prescription field called “SPH” which starts from 1 and ends at 30. Then In this glass type section you can add a range between 1 to 30 like(10,20). So if the front end user selects this glass type then only SPH  range will be shown from 10 to 20. Rest all values will be disabled.
  1. Enable Multiple Selection:-  Check this if you want to enable multiple selection.
  • Add Lens:-  Similar to “Add Glass” section.
  • Add Lens Coating:- In this section admin can add different types of lens coatings with their short description and price.
  • Add Tint:- In this section admin can add different types of tints with their short description and price.
  • Settings:- 
  • Enable PD Measurement:- Check this if you want to enable PD measurement feature.

PD stands for pupillary distance.

  • Include Non-Prescription:- Check this if you want to add a button to hide prescription form on the product page.
  • Add Prescription Button Text:- Define custom text for showing at product page instead of “Add Prescription”.
  • Ignore prescription help text:- Add text as a help text for Non-Prescription text.
  • PD Range:- Define range for PD selection.
  • PD Info Image URL:- You can create a guide for PD selection/measurement and upload in media then put that media file url here. This image will be shown at the product page.
  • Category Name:- A category should be added to all products on which you want to enable this prescription form. And that category should be defined here also for tracking.
  • Overview of Product Setup:- 
    • Add EPF Attributes:- When the category is added to product then a product attribute called “EPF Attributes” is added to that product.
      • Under this section admin can select the glass types, lens types, lens coatings, lens tints, PD range which will be shown only for this product.
      • Like If admin select two glass types then only those two glasses will be shown on the front end for this product.
  •  Add Lens Color:- In the product page an attribute called “EPF Product Colors” will be added.
    • Under this section you can add different colors of lenses with their price and name.
  • Overview of FrontEnd Side:- 
    • On the product page “Add prescription” button will be shown.
  • By clicking that a popup will be opened.
  • In this popup customer can select all the fields which are defined at backend level by admin such as Glasses, lenses, Tints, coatings, colors, prescription fields as well as PD.
  • After selection of all fields when customers submit the form then summary will be displayed at the Item page.
  • By adding this item cart all the attributes are also added with the item.
  • Summary:- So here you come with an eyewear prescription form with dynamic rendering of custom fields and with an interactive design form.

Which helps to add prescription forms on your eyewear products and make them more usable .

Hope you like this prescription plugin and are willing to use it on your site.

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