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This is the First step of using SpecForm and will explain the installation phase.

1. Installation

Plugin is exported as a zip file and shared via email after the purchase completion on our website. Please perform below steps to install it on your wordpress website:

  1. Uninstall The Free Version (If installed)
  2. NAvigate to Plugins->Add New->Upload
  3. Upload the zip file of specform
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. That’s all.

2. Get Started

After the installation, you will see a New Link under the Admin Menu as EPF. This admin menu will hold all the possible settings and forms created vie spec form.
To get started with the SpecFomr plugin, please navigate to Admin menu-> EPF  and you will see an accordion like below:-

This is the page where you can build the eyewear prescription form. Let’s go through each of the step in the next section.

3. Creating a Prescription Form

We will discuss each step of epf backend menu in detail in this section.

  1. Step: Add Prescription
    1. This Section is dedicated to the first step of eyewear prescription form : Table of Rx or prescription required to build a glass.
    2. Here by default table will be empty and there will be an option to add the fields  such as SPH, AXIS, CYL etc.
    3. There are 6 property of any fields which are as below:
      1. Enter Name: This is the name of the field. You can enter any name according to your requirement. For example: SPH
      2. First Value: Since we assume that all the prescription field are alway numeric values. First Value indicates the minimum value of any field. For example if you sell SPH from -10 to 10 , then First Values will be -10.
      3. Last Values: This indicate the maximum value of any field. For example for SPH -10 to 10, last value will be 10
      4. Step Value: All the fieles will be shown in a drop down and step value indicates the difference between two consecutive values of any field. For example: For SPH -10,-9, -8…. 7,8,9,10  Step values are 1.
      5. Field Order: When you have multile fields, you can arrange the order of the field using this value. For example Field Order 1 will be the first one in form.
      6. Visibility Dropdown:  At the End we have a option to present the field values in 4 formats.
  2. Step: Add your glasses
    1. This section give you the option to create type of glasses you need to sell.
    2. By default list might be empty or having some default values. You can always edit,delete and create new glasses.
    3. Glass Creation form will look like below:
    4. This is a simple form and you can specify Name, Cost and description of the glass in first 3 options.
    5. Aftr description there will be one text input field ofr each prescription field created in last step.
    6. For Example , SPH -Range , Since we have create a field called SPH in first step, we can here specify a custom range of the SPH field for this perticuler glass.
    7. So this glass will be only displayed to customeers for sleection if they enter the SPH in this range.
    8. Format: You can specify the range like -10,10/ Min and max values separated by ,
    9. If you do not want to have any custo range and think that this glass can be purchased with any SPH, leave it blank.
  3. Step: Add your lens
    1. This step give option to create diff type of lenses.
    2. Similar to glass you can specify the lens properties usch as name, cost , description and specfic range for each prescription field.
  4. Step: Add your lens Coating
    1. This step gives option to create different type of glass coatings.
    2. Note: This step do not have range specification
  5. Step: Add your Tint
    1. This step gives option to create different type of tints.
    2. Note: This step do not have range specification

4. Global Settings

EPF comes with some set of global settings:-

  1. Enable PF Measurement: By enabling this settings a Measure PD option will be available on the prescription form
  2. Include Non-Prescription: This will include a Non-pRescription type of Glass automatically.
  3. Upload Prescription help text: This can specfiy a custom help text for upload prescription step.
  4. Add Prescription button text: By this Prescitpion button text can be modified.
  5. Ignore Prescription Help Text: You can specify a custom message to ignore the prescription form.
  6. PD Range: A custom PD range can be specified uing this option. Example: 25,75
  7. PD Info Image url: You can specify a link of any image to display a information guide for PD.
  8. Category: You can specify the category names comm-separated. This will enable the prescription form for all the products in thise categories.

5.Product Settings

Some of the global settings can be overridden at each product level.

Pleae navigate to Products->Edit Product->EPF Attributes to orverride those settings.

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